20 September 2022

I’ve tackled a long overdue spruce up of my hallway and porch this morning applying the principles of Feng Shui to welcome positivity into my home and my life. A fresh lick of paint for the door frame has finished it all off nicely. I chose ‘Tranquil Dawn’ from the Dulux Range. Whilst being marketed amongst the greys in actual fact the end result is a lovely sage green to the eye and the paint is creamy and easy to apply. A general decluttering has also improved the energy flow throughout my home. If you are looking to improve how your living space makes you feel then it is worth remembering that natural light is a huge energy and mood booster.

I love working with crystals and harness their powers to manifest and heal. I have an abundance of natural light that floods into my hall bathing them in sun and moonlight. I am currently using:

Danburite – This cleansing crystal helps me communicate with Archangel Michael and my own Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels giving me greater clarity on my spiritual pathway.

Carnelian – I use this for empowerment and when I need an extra burst of courage or self-confidence. It is great for motivation and helps me to achieve any goals that I have set myself.

Hematite – for inner strength and greater self-confidence. As a single mum it helps me to be more independent and resilient.

Lapis Lazuli – for personal empowerment, healing and spiritual leadership.